In the Spring of 2021, Auburn posted an opening for “Design and Innovation Director.” This was an opportunity to lead the development and direction of the College of Engineering’s brand new 11,000sf makerspace. I had been an enthusiastic supporter of the makerspace since its soft opening earlier that year, and was the first instructor to schedule regular classes in it. I applied and was ultimately named one of three finalists for the position.

This presentation was developed to share my vision for the space with the hiring committee and invited guests. As usual, the process of creating it was educational and rewarding in itself. I strongly believe in making as a way to develop skills, confidence, and understanding in engineers.

Though the position was ultimately given to an incumbent with a more traditional academic background, I was thrilled to make it to the final stage of this national search, and learned a lot along the way. I continue to utilize the makerspace in my teaching and enthusiastically support the new Director’s vision.

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