The Spring 2021 semester has ended and with it my first semester as Instructor of Record for BUSI / ENGR 3510, Introduction to Business and Engineering. This course follows 3520, Integrating Business and Engineering Theories with Practice (don’t ask me why the names and numbers are in reverse order), and concludes the first year of Auburn’s Business-Engineering-Technology (BET) minor.

Using 100 of more than 400 slides presented, this deck highlights the key topics I cover in the updated Spring offering. Six guest speakers, eight makerspace lab sessions, and two site visits support, extend, apply, and authenticate those lectures.

You can find a similar deck for the prior class here: BET 3520 Fall 2020 Course Summary

An embedded PDF viewer should show up below, but it can be finicky. Give it a second or try refreshing. Otherwise, you can view / download it directly on GitHub.